Steam Cleaning

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We love offering our customers our professional steaming cleaning services because they can make such a massive difference to a home. Steam cleaning can really make a bathroom or kitchen look brand new again, and regular steam cleaning can keep kitchens and bathrooms looking fresh for far longer. If your kitchen or bathroom is a little dated now, try our steam cleaning services and see what they can do for your tiles! Warning, you may need to wear sunglasses while cooking for a while after using our steam cleaning services, your shiny new tiles may blind you!

Steam carpet $30/room (more than 12sqm extra charge) (minimum charge $90)

Our professional cleaning team uses Karcher steam cleaners when carrying out any steam cleaning jobs. In our experience, Karcher steam cleaners provide a very versatile clean. They are, of course, very powerful steam cleaners, which is perfect for the most stubborn dirt and grime, but they are also controllable, so if we need to do some delicate work in the grouting, for example, we can do that too. These steam cleaners allow us to tackle any dirt and grime on tiled areas of your home.

We don’t use any chemicals during our steam cleaning services. This is one of our most environmentally friendly bservices. The only things we use during our steam cleaning services are steam and elbow grease. Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the biggest problem areas in the home when it comes to cleaning. Where do you start? When you don’t know where to begin with your bathroom or kitchen, start with our steam cleaning services. No matter what your kitchen or bathroom looks like right now, we can transform it with our steam cleaning.

It is amazing what a few hours of steam cleaning can do to even the dirtiest bathrooms. The taps, tiles, shower, bath and even toilet can all look brand new in just a few hours. From there, we can then use our standard cleaning techniques to maintain this brand new looking bathroom or kitchen.